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 Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30!

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Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! Empty
PostSubject: Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30!   Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2008 4:21 pm

Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! 6txtbnr

Light Yagami is an extremely intelligent young man who resents the
crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change
when he discovers a mysterious notebook, known as the "Death Note",
lying on the ground in the year 2003. The Death Note's instructions
claim that if a human's name is written within it that person shall
die. Light is initially skeptical of the Death Note's authenticity,
believing it is just a prank. However, after experimenting with it
and killing two criminals, Light is forced to admit that the Death Note is real.

After meeting with the previous owner of the Death Note, a Shinigami
named Ryuk, Light seeks to become "the God of the new world" by passing
his judgment on criminals.

These are all in English, and in avi format. They are the highest
quality you can find in English. If I happen to find even better
quality and it's dubbed in English, I'll post it up here.

Episode 1 Quality - It took me awhile to convert the original mkv/ogm file.

Edit: Sorry, ep1 still doesn't work on
Divx players. I tried it and it still fails to play on the dvd player,
I'll have it fixed sometime soon.

Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! 6ue53ci

Files with (C_P) quality (Cartoon Palace's)

Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! 6pg2vt0

Code: Death_Note_01_-_Rebirth__fix_.part1.rar Death_Note_01_-_Rebirth__fix_.part2.rar

-fixed codec- DeathNote_-_02_-_Confrontation__FwZ_.avi Death_Note_03_-_Dealings__C_P_.avi Death_Note_04_-__C_P_.avi Death_Note_05_-Tactics__C_P_.avi Death_Note_-_06_-_Unraveling__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_06_-_Unraveling__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_07_-_Overcast__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_07_-_Overcast__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_8_-_Glare__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_8_-_Glare__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_9_-_Encounter__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_9_-_Encounter__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_10_-_Doubt__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_10_-_Doubt__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_11_-_Assault__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_11_-_Assault__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_12_-_Love__C-W_.avi.part1.rar Death_Note_-_12_-_Love__C-W_.avi.part2.rar Death_Note_-_13_-_Confession__C-W_.avi.part1.rar Death_Note_-_13_-_Confession__C-W_.avi.part2.rar Death_Note_-_14_-_Friend__C-W_.avi.part1.rar Death_Note_-_14_-_Friend__C-W_.avi.part2.rar Death_Note_-_15_-_Wager__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_15_-_Wager__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_16_-_Decisions__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_16_-_Decisions__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_17_-_Execution__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_17_-_Execution__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_18_-_Ally__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_18_-_Ally__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_19_-_Matsuda__C-W_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_19_-_Matsuda__C-W_.part2.rar Death_Note_20_Makeshift__C-W_.part1.rar Death_Note_20_Makeshift__C-W_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_21_-_Performance__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_21_-_Performance__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_022_-_Guidance__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_022_-_Guidance__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_23_-_Frenzy__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_23_-_Frenzy__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_24_-_Revival__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_24_-_Revival__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_25_-_Silence__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_25_-_Silence__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_26_-_Renewal__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_26_-_Renewal__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_27_-_Abduction__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_27_-_Abduction__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_28_-_Impatience__C_P_.part1.rar Death_Note_-_28_-_Impatience__C_P_.part2.rar Death_Note_-_29_-_Father__C_P_.avi

HQ 29 Death_Note_29_-_Justice_-__warez-turks.com___C-P-aud_.part1.rar Death_Note_29_-_Justice_-__warez-turks.com___C-P-aud_.part2.rar

HQ 30 Death_Note_30_-_Justice_-__warez-turks.com___C-P-aud_.part1.rar Death_Note_30_-_Justice_-__warez-turks.com___C-P-aud_.part2.rar


And please say "thanks" if you download Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! Icon_wink

If you like, you can download as a free user to help... but if you
don't feel like it I don't blame you, lol. If you have a membership,
you're going to use it of course.

Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30! Fulgore2[img]
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Death Note-= English 1-30 =updated weekly= HQ 30!
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