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 Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC

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PostSubject: Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC   Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 4:44 pm

Devil May Cry 1

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC 2z9e7et

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC Bg_quote_header“The
eternal battle between good and evil has spilled on the remote island
of Mallet. Two millenia after the all-powerful Devil Prince, Mundus,
was defeated and banished by the heroic Devil-Knight Sparda, the
all-powerful lord of the underworld is again readying his army of
darkness to invade the Earth.”

“But one man is ready to stand against him: Dante - Sparda’s
half-human, half-demon son and a specialist in the field of the
supernatural. Equipped with the same deadly combat skills as his father
and with mysterious powers inherited through the inhuman blood in his
veins, Dante is all that stands between all of mankind and demonic
conquest and slavery.”

Devil May Cry Features

1. “The latest epic quest from the creators of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.”

2. “Intuitive control system, where sword and gunplay are combined to produce devastating attacks.”

3. “Gather power elements in order to transform into Dante’s demonic alter ego.”

4. “Engage wraiths, reptillian mutants and macabre marionettes in a fight to the death.”

5. “Breathtaking graphics and sound create a truly involving experience.”

Code: Dmc1.part21.rar Dmc1.part20.rar Dmc1.part19.rar Dmc1.part18.rar Dmc1.part17.rar Dmc1.part16.rar Dmc1.part15.rar Dmc1.part14.rar Dmc1.part13.rar Dmc1.part12.rar Dmc1.part11.rar Dmc1.part10.rar Dmc1.part09.rar Dmc1.part08.rar Dmc1.part07.rar Dmc1.part06.rar Dmc1.part04.rar Dmc1.part05.rar Dmc1.part03.rar Dmc1.part02.rar Dmc1.part01.rar

Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC 2ch6m4h

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC Bg_quote_header“Taking
place after the conclusion of the first Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2
begins with Dante being invited to Dumary Island (known as Vie De Marli
to the local people) by the mysterious Lucia and her mother, Matier,
who once protected the island from demons alongside Dante’s father
Sparda. Matier had enlisted Dante’s help to prevent the Arcana, a set
of magical artifacts, from falling into the hands of Arius, the game’s

“Arius was the president of an international corporation and
desired to have supreme power; in his own words, he wanted to
“transcend all living things”. To accomplish this, he sought to obtain
the Arcana and perform the ritual that would grant him the powers of
the evil god, Argosax the Chaos.”

Devil May Cry 2 Features

1. “Two playable characters ? Players can play as the ever cool Dante or a brand new heroine.”

2. “Renewed character design ? Dante is even more `stylish’ and
tough than before. He has gained even more experience fighting demons
and players are sure to notice his unique style and overall look.”

3. “Visual Appeal ? Incredible animation and visual detail that appear to come straight out of Hollywood.”

4. “Adjusting difficulty ? Devil May Cry 2 will track a player’s
skill level and actually adjust the enemies’ difficulty on how well the
player performs.”

5. “New Moves ? Dante now has more moves and attacks. As players
increase their skill they will be able to execute stunning and
effective attacks.”

6. “Enhanced Devil Trigger ? Once Dante’s devil meter is full, he
will be able to transform into a demon. This demon form will feature
new visual effects and allow Dante to destroy enemies with one smashing

7. “New and unique weapons.”

Disc 1: Dante

Code: dmc2_d1.part01.rar dmc2_d1.part02.rar dmc2_d1.part03.rar dmc2_d1.part04.rar dmc2_d1.part05.rar dmc2_d1.part06.rar dmc2_d1.part07.rar dmc2_d1.part08.rar dmc2_d1.part09.rar dmc2_d1.part10.rar dmc2_d1.part11.rar

Disc 2: Lucia

Code: Dmc2_d2.part01.rar Dmc2_d2.part02.rar Dmc2_d2.part03.rar Dmc2_d2.part04.rar Dmc2_d2.part05.rar Dmc2_d2.part06.rar Dmc2_d2.part07.rar Dmc2_d2.part08.rar Dmc2_d2.part09.rar Dmc2_d2.part10.rar Dmc2_d2.part11.rar

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC 2ykxtzr

Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC Bg_quote_header“Thousand
of years have passed since the demon warrior Sparda raised his sword
against the unholy world to save human race. Following the victorious
battle, Sparda joined mankind and father Dante, a half human-half demon
who, like his father, devoted himself to defeating the forces of evil.

However, Dante was not the only son Sparda had sired… As devoted as
Dante was to defeating the forces of evil, his twin brother, Vergil,
was consumed by power and upheld the legacy of his sinister ancestors.
One moonlit night, a mysterious tower materialized beside Dante’s
“Devil May Cry” investigative agency. On the rooftop stood his
estranged brother and his inhuman minions, goading Dante into a

As Dante heads for the tower, he encounters formidable foes and
unusual characters including a mysterious man named Arkham and a female
demon hunter named Lady, each with their own hidden motives.”

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Features

1. “The coolest demon-killer ever is back. Dante erupts with an
arsenal of acrobatic moves, lethal gun-and-sword fighting and
devastating one-liners in the toughest, most action-packed Devil May
Cry yet…”

2. “Switch instantly between weapons, racking up death-dealing
combination attacks. Gain new powers by massacring demons with maximum

3. “Fight close-in as a Sword Master, choose the bullet ballet of
the Gunslinger or weave between enemies like lighting as the Tricker.
Four fight styles to master, mix and match.”

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition Features

1. “A brand new epic quest featuring Dante’s villainous twin brother, Vergil as a playable character.”

2. “Enhanced continue system with the introduction of Gold orbs,
allowing you to carry on exactly where you left off should you die in
the middle of an important mission.”

3. “The ability to speed up the action even further with the option of pumping the game speed to by 30%.”

4. “Test your metal by proving how long you can last in the treacherous Bloody Palace bonus option.”

Code: dmc3.part01.rar dmc3.part02.rar dmc3.part03.rar dmc3.part04.rar dmc3.part05.rar dmc3.part06.rar dmc3.part07.rar dmc3.part08.rar dmc3.part09.rar dmc3.part10.rar dmc3.part11.rar dmc3.part12.rar dmc3.part13.rar dmc3.part14.rar dmc3.part15.rar dmc3.part16.rar dmc3.part17.rar dmc3.part18.rar dmc3.part19.rar dmc3.part20.rar dmc3.part21.rar dmc3.part22.rar dmc3.part23.rar dmc3.part24.rar dmc3.part25.rar dmc3.part26.rar dmc3.part27.rar dmc3.part28.rar dmc3.part29.rar dmc3.part30.rar dmc3.part30.rar dmc3.part31.rar dmc3.part32.rar dmc3.part33.rar dmc3.part34.rar
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Devil May Cry1-3 PS2 NTSC
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