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 Reaper season 1

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PostSubject: Reaper season 1   Reaper season 1 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2008 4:03 am

Reaper season 1 15744


Sam Oliver's parents were always easy on him, letting him skate through
life as a slacker. On his 21st birthday he found out why. His parents
sold his soul to the devil. Before Sam was born, his father was
stricken with a fatal illness. Satan approached Sam's parents with a
deal. He would heal his father if they sold him their first born
child's soul. On his 21st birthday that child would have to work for
him. No matter how much they tried to never have kids, they did. Now
Sam must become the new Reaper, collecting escaped souls and returning
them back to Hell.

Episode 1

Title: Pilot

Airdate: 25 / Sep / 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP01.part1.rar RPRSE01EP01.part2.rar RPRSE01EP01.part3.rar RPRSE01EP01.part4.rar

Episode 2

Title: Charged

Airdate: 02 / Oct / 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP02.part1.rar RPRSE01EP02.part2.rar RPRSE01EP02.part3.rar RPRSE01EP02.part4.rar

Episode 3

Title: All Mine

Airdate: 09 / Oct / 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP03.part1.rar RPRSE01EP03.part2.rar RPRSE01EP03.part3.rar RPRSE01EP03.part4.rar

Episode 4

Title: Magic

Airdate: 16 / Oct / 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP04.part1.rar RPRSE01EP04.part2.rar RPRSE01EP04.part3.rar RPRSE01EP04.part4.rar

Episode 5

Title: What about Blob?

Airdate: 23 October 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP05.part1.rar RPRSE01EP05.part2.rar RPRSE01EP05.part3.rar RPRSE01EP05.part4.rar

Episode 6

Title: Leon

Airdate: 30 October 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP06.part1.rar RPRSE01EP06.part2.rar RPRSE01EP06.part3.rar RPRSE01EP06.part4.rar

Episode 7

Title: Love, Bullets and Blacktop

Airdate: 6 November 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP07.part1.rar RPRSE01EP07.part2.rar RPRSE01EP07.part3.rar RPRSE01EP07.part4.rar

Episode 8

Title: The Cop

Airdate: 13 November 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP08.part1.rar RPRSE01EP08.part2.rar RPRSE01EP08.part3.rar RPRSE01EP08.part4.rar

Episode 9

Title: Ashes to Ashes

Airdate: 27 November 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP09.part1.rar RPRSE01EP09.part2.rar RPRSE01EP09.part3.rar RPRSE01EP09.part4.rar

Episode 10

Title: Cash Out

Airdate: 4 December 2007

Code: RPRSE01EP10.part1.rar RPRSE01EP10.part2.rar RPRSE01EP10.part3.rar RPRSE01EP10.part4.rar

Episode 11

Title: Hungry for Fame

Airdate: 13 March 2008

Code: RPRSE01EP11.part1.rar RPRSE01EP11.part2.rar RPRSE01EP11.part3.rar RPRSE01EP11.part4.rar

Episode 12

Title: Unseen

Airdate: 20 March 200890%"]
Code: RPRSE01EP12.part1.rar RPRSE01EP12.part2.rar RPRSE01EP12.part3.rar RPRSE01EP12.part4.rar
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Reaper season 1
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